Friday, March 31, 2006

New Outfit!

Hi everyone. Well I ran into a lady that I used to work with at Burger King sweet little old lady she is like 87 and still has no intension on giving up work. Anyways back to my point. She ended up giving me $20 and saying you buy something for that little girl. so we went back into the baby department and I picked out this outfit. The shirt is really shorts. and the top is like a diapershirt.
Anyways gotta jet real fast.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Reading a book

Look how big my little girl is getting!! She's reading her book! and munching on the corner. hehehe... I cant believe how big she is getting. I just asked Andrew this morning if he thinks that she looks bigger then the average 3 month old. I such a proud mom.
Thanks Janie for coming over for a visit and lending me that book. I started to read it last night when Elaina finally went to bed at 10pm. She was in bed a little later then usual. but we had some guests over last night as well. My cousin and her friend came over yesterday. they were all in Aww of Elaina.She ate a lot of cereal yesterday. she was just so happy last night, it was a really nice change!!
anyways Im gonna go and watch a little tv well elaina is happily playing in her swing.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Elaina and Mommy!!

here the best I can do

heres the best pic I can take with this camera.. this is our new stereo

floor time!!!

Alrighty so I need a better camera.. this one I just cant get it to work right. but here are some pics of elaina playing on the floor today. she just moving around like crazy.. sticking out her tounge!! she starting to roll over in her sleep. so now im just waiting for her to start to roll over on her own when she is awake. but then again she will be up crawling before I know it right. then walking getting into everything. I better just wait for her to do it all on her own or I will miss her growing up...
shes so big already!!

Pretty White Dress!

Thank you Nanny for the pretty little dress..must have taken you forever to make it. I sure do like it though.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Quick pic

just a quick pic before I go to the hospital to get my wrist checked out. sorry if I spelled it wrong. I will post again later if I remember. and depending on how long im at the hospital.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Elaina and Drew

Well I like this outfit on Elaina so I was tring to get a good pic of her it didnt work out to well though. I didnt put the flash on the camera but it looks like I did. anyways this is drew hes staying at our place for a while, for those of you who do not know who he is.. I think most of you do though.
anyways andrew is setting up a sterio system and unit.
so I will have to take pics of it and post them later. ttyl

Friday, March 24, 2006


Elaina is starting to eat a lot more when I feed her. She just loves sweet potatos and before bed last night she ate double the amount of cereal as she usually does. She is ready for a nap right now but she was only up for a hour so Im trying to keep her up for a little bit longer. today I got up early to do all of the laundry I wanted to do it yesterday but I could not get near a wash at all!
Oh well, anyways Elaina is getting to cranky Im gonna go and put her to bed
talk to you all later.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Trying to hold own bottle

Well last night and today were very stressful, there was a fire in our apartment block and we all had to get out at 5am thankfully we were aloud back into our place only 1/2 an hour later. I was so scared. I managed to get 2 bottles/diapers. haha and elaina with her jacket. so today elaina slept a lot not really sure why. but she ate a lot of sweet potato at lunch and lots of cereal this evening. Im so happy with her. she didnt scarem to much at bath time tonight. and looks she trys to hold her own bottle
shes so cute

Wednesday, March 22, 2006


So Elaina went to bed at 9pm but woke up at 9:30 so we fed her and I layed her down on me while I finished watching a movie and she fell right back to sleep with out her sucky it was nice.. diffrent So now I know that she might be learning to fall alseep with out it as well.

Play time

So today I decided to pull out Elainas chair. She has not wanted to sit in it lately, so I changed the batteries and put her in it.. she played in it for about 20 minutes, she seemed to like it again. she sat in it and sang along with the music and made bubbles! It was nice to see. Yesterday and today it, when I say Hello to her over and over again, it sure does sound like she says it back to me.. Andrew and Drew think so as well. It was really cute.
Anyways Elaina and I are going to have some tummy time on the floor and play again.
Talk to everyone later.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Looking like my sister!!!

Hi everyone.. I wish I had a scanner I would scan this pic of Selena and comepare them with you! but Andrew has a pic of Selena holding her hands sorta like Elaina is as well. and they have the same look on there face the exact same look on there face.. Selenas eyes are just more open then elainas..

a little bright

Playing with her gym. look at how well she is getting at holding onto objects...Today she played in her exacuser (sorry if I spelled it wrong) for 45 minutes..
anyways she just woke up gotta run

Monday, March 20, 2006


Sweet Potatos!!! Sweet Potatos!!! Yum Yum Yum!!!
well yesterday I decided give Elaina some food cuz she is doing so well on the cereal before bed time, So yesterday I decided to give her peas.. WRONG!!! She loved how they taisted but we sure payed for it that evening!!! she was so gassy it wasnt even funny very very cranky baby I tell you!! So today I decided to give her Sweet Potatos and she just loved them, she ate 1/3 of the jar of food. I was so happy. she is doing a great job at getting the food at the back of her mouth and down then I thought she would. She does not spit to much of it out.. sometimes when she is eatting it she doesnt spit any of it out....

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Time With Great Grandma

Well today I went to my grandmothers. Today was the first time that Elaina has ever met her Great Grandma. Its only been 3 months since she was born. Oh well I ended up going there!! She says that Elaina is spoilled that she should be able to just lay down and fall alseep!! ah well..

Saturday, March 18, 2006

look at my bum!!

So I decided to see if the out fit aunty robyn gave Elaina would fit her yet. Its a 6 month out fit. But some 6 month out fits already fit her so. Its a bit big but it looks so darn cute on her I love the bright colours on her. Sorry in the sec. pic' I got the strap in the way. Elaina had such a good day today!!! she was so so happy trying to talk up a storm!! Smiling and grinning high! it was so so cute Aunty Aly heard her talking away I cant remember if mom did this morning. My Dad heard her, he also talked to her on the phone tonight and Elaina starting to talk back at my Dad she just got really excited. I decided to listen to music and clean this afternoon but Elaina started to fuss a little so I decided to put her in the snugli and clean with her on my chest with my hands free!! she liked it she started to laugh and play a bit then almost fell alseep in it.. her and Mommy danced around the room so Mommy could get some exerise! All though since Drew has been around Elaina and I are getting out Even just for a walk outside walking to one of the coffee shops around here.. its been nice.. anyways Im gonna go and watch some tv before I head it to bed. Have a good evening everyone and to everyone else that will look at my blog in the morning.,have a good morning then.
Keyra (a.k.a) Mammasita

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Chilling on the floor!

HI everyone sorry it took me so long to update. I try to up date in the morning but its been so busy this past weeks.. and stressfull.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

trying to sit up more!

alright so this isnt that great of a pic of elaina but look she is trying to sit up more she just gets mad if she is not sitting up more! its funny. so the last few days have been rough.. but I guess we are getting through it!! her crying does last as long and its not as loud but she still screams!!! headake! anyways I have to run she is crabby!!!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Here I am

So I went to the doctor yesterday and found out that Elaina is for 100% colic. he told me to buy this stuff called ovol last night it looked like it worked but today it does not seem like it at all. who nows so today I put a little bit of orjel on her gums see if that was her problem.. anyways I have to run..

Saturday, March 11, 2006

On our way to supper

So here is a couple pics of us. on our way out for supper.. and a movie... yeah!
I hope you enjoy
now Im going to eat

Blanket From Mommy!

So, I was at walmart today just for the heck of it with Elaina. had a little cash I was aloud to play with so I decide since every one else in the family is making things from the heart for Elaina then I wanted to make her a neat blanket that learned to make on the mom show! (fav show to watch on LIFE chanel) Like come on she needs something comming from her Mom at least, and since Elaina is with the babysitter for the night I would do it up for her and she would have somthing for her when she gets home tomorrow. they say that the blanket is good for devolpment and for the safe feel to it.. its heavy.. I didnt think that it would be, but thats good. The way it feels Taylor would love to have one. To bad he was so big or I would make one for him... Robyn do you remember when he had to have a blanket that he could "do this with" and he would rub his fingers together... well this blanket would be perfect for that!!!

Friday, March 10, 2006

Welcome Back Camera

Heres a pic of me trying to lift my hands up. The camera is to slow to catch me I cant stay up that long yet. But Im trying!
Mommy knows that this picture is to bright but look at my big blue eyes!!

This is a pretty white dress from that lady we went and got a bag of clothes from yesterday. Mommy and I went out early today to try and get all the running arould done before it started to rain today but it was so busy down town. I was good for mom today though.Even though it seemed to take her forever!! anyways we can now take more pics cuz we got more batteries Daddy gave mommy some money to pic some up. She still has not picked up D size for my swing though. Anyways Im outta here.. gonna go and swing for a little bit!