Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Hi again
Alright it took me a couple of days but Im back here again!! :)
surprise surprise
Well this week has been super busy Im going to make another post for Christmas

My Best Friend Jan passed away on the 21st same day my step dad passed just 3 years later same thing too.. tomorrow is her funeral its going to be strange I miss her so much already! Its crazy cuz I cant believe shes gone,

wow I have to add more later as I have to run... :( I will add on later

Sunday, December 19, 2010

wow been to long!

wow has it been years since I have updated this thing
lets see

Elaina is going to be 5 in just a few days, I cant believe how big she is getting Christmas is just around the corner as well.
My sister Aly and her son live with me now for those of you reading that dont know her son is almost 2 so they have been with me for a while
we are waiting for Manitoba housing to give us a 4 bedroom its been a long wait though, but we will keep waiting, I graduated high school almost 2 years ago now as well. Aly is next she should be done in June
no plans for me to go back to school or work yet been thinking about it though, just gotta work around it I guess, been trying to have another baby for a while now it doesnt seem to be working to well though! I hope God gives me another chance to be a mother again sometime soon!

I hope to try and update this more in the days to come there is so much I can post I dont even know where to start with it....

so its going to be slow coming but Please keep checking back

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

long lost

The last few months at our house has been hectic, Elaina is growing so fast its unbelievable. She speaks so well its crazy, I love you mommy. Kitties, where are you? where are you kitties. shes is learning her colours very well loves to sing twinkle twinkle lil star. Pretty soon Elaina is going to have to settle down with a babysitter during the day, Thankfully since I cant find daycare anywhere near our place right now, my friends that live in the next building beside me (same housing unit though) well they have a daughter who is 2 (turned 2 in sept) and they as well have a 6m old girl, so elaina is going to have to learn to share and play nice, I hope she is really well to thouse kids!!! I start school Feb 4th,, Im so excited I hope this all works out and I will be able to do a semester of school and get that done. I feel like im not doing anything with my life, Ive been trying to potty trian elaina shes ready she will sit on the potty and everything knows what its for, she just wont let herself go, im sure once she does this once or twice we should be on the right step, the lil girl at the sitters is learning so I hope elaina will learn from being around her! anyways here are a few pics sorry I dont update this thing that often, facebook has taken over my life hahahaa

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

is it winter time????

Hi everyone well with - 27 (with the shield) I think winter has decided to come and stay for a while, I hope that its not to cold out this winter. I believe Elaina will have a blast this winter, shes likes to eat the snow already, lol gotta make sure she doesnt eat any yellow snow lol. she likes her ski pants right now so thats good, she doesnt like that she cant really walk though. We had to go to the store today to get some milk, so we bundled right up!!! I NEED LONG JONS lol its freakin cold and I believe I have past that age of just going out in a sweater the only thing I forgot for Elaina was her scarf around her face but other then that she was nice and toastie lol, I will get it together hehehehe we hope!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Elaina up to no good!

Here a pic of Elaina and Dillan when we were in kenora at the start of the month, elaina was just about to fall alseep lol.
Dillan is elainas buddy, lol

This is what Elaina did to the bath when Ididnt undo the water and she was mad cuz she didnt want to have a bath to start off with, notice she has stuffed toys clothes and other out of the bath tub toys in it!

as well a sideways pic of Elaina taking something apart in the bath tub and puttin it one herself cuz it sticked lol

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Pre Christmas spirt

Well this is the best I could do to get an updated picture of Elaina. Im sorry I havent updated with pics of Elaina or of pics of my new place, but I cant find my cord for my camera to upload the pics, Anyways my camera is having a fit and I cant turn it on very well at all anymore not even with my neeth. So on Keyras Wish List And Anyone Else That Wants To See Pics Of Elaina hahahaha I want a new good camera for Chirstmas I love you all hahahahaha

Anyways things here are alright, Elaina is learning very very quickly, as she can count to 10 after me of course but is starting to walk around the house and say 26789 lol, so she is also starting to put 3 to 4 words together, I love it when she says love you! thats my fave!!!

Hope you like the update, I gotta go attend to supper now I think the meat loaf is done hehehe