Sunday, November 11, 2007

Pre Christmas spirt

Well this is the best I could do to get an updated picture of Elaina. Im sorry I havent updated with pics of Elaina or of pics of my new place, but I cant find my cord for my camera to upload the pics, Anyways my camera is having a fit and I cant turn it on very well at all anymore not even with my neeth. So on Keyras Wish List And Anyone Else That Wants To See Pics Of Elaina hahahaha I want a new good camera for Chirstmas I love you all hahahahaha

Anyways things here are alright, Elaina is learning very very quickly, as she can count to 10 after me of course but is starting to walk around the house and say 26789 lol, so she is also starting to put 3 to 4 words together, I love it when she says love you! thats my fave!!!

Hope you like the update, I gotta go attend to supper now I think the meat loaf is done hehehe

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justus said...

hehe very cute!!!!