Monday, October 16, 2006

Wow that one took forever!

Well its been a while since I have updated I know. I got the computer from matt and Veronica this past weekend. Thank you again you guys. But for some reason something is not working right so I still haven't been able to put pictures up I have lots too. This past week I have been at my friend Vicki's place. Im enjoying being around her and her kids all the time. Elaina has a friend and I as well have a good friend. Peter and Elaina play with each other all the time. Its so cute they even give each other kisses and hugs. I have been able to give some of Elaina's clothes to Vicki for Anna she is suck a cutie pie! Today when Tyran dropped off Elaina she came in and had some coffee with me. Ended up spending the afternoon with me while Elaina took a nap, I was able to talk to her about church and how I want to start to attend one and get Elaina baptized and I got to ask her if she would like to be Elaina's GodMother. She was so happy and said yes of course!
Thats about what has been going on down in this end. We had snow for only a day, But boy did we have snow!

OH Yes, Tonight when Elaina woke up and saw Peter (Vicki, Peter and Anna are spending the night) She got all excited and she stood on her own for a good minute!!! It was so exciting!!

As well before I Ieave for all of you who I have told that I need to get new homes for my kitties, I have found one. My cousin wants the little male kitten, and her roommate loves my older female cat so she is going to take her. Im happy at least that they will still have a home together!!!

Friday, October 06, 2006

Update for the day!!!!

Hi Everyone!
This week has gone by so quickly! I'm not that sure where it went lol. Elaina and I went to the moms group on Wed. Spent some time with Corrina and Janie! Thanks again for having us over after the group Janie! You have a wonderful place. Its pretty big!
The other day Elaina walked down the hallway with her little walker. She was laughing away!! I think if she keeps trying as hard as she is to walk, Im sure it wont be to long before she is walking! Wed. night we (Elaina and I) stayed over at my friend Vicki's place. I never got home until late thursday night.
Oh yea Elaina had a doctors apt on tuesday and she has a ear infections but other then that she is doing great. He said that I can start to give her 3% milk. Thats good! It would be a lot cheaper!
So we are off to Kenora this weekend to vist my dad. I will post something up after when we get back.

Sorry this is so short. gotta run to pack!
love you all