Tuesday, November 27, 2007

is it winter time????

Hi everyone well with - 27 (with the shield) I think winter has decided to come and stay for a while, I hope that its not to cold out this winter. I believe Elaina will have a blast this winter, shes likes to eat the snow already, lol gotta make sure she doesnt eat any yellow snow lol. she likes her ski pants right now so thats good, she doesnt like that she cant really walk though. We had to go to the store today to get some milk, so we bundled right up!!! I NEED LONG JONS lol its freakin cold and I believe I have past that age of just going out in a sweater the only thing I forgot for Elaina was her scarf around her face but other then that she was nice and toastie lol, I will get it together hehehehe we hope!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Elaina up to no good!

Here a pic of Elaina and Dillan when we were in kenora at the start of the month, elaina was just about to fall alseep lol.
Dillan is elainas buddy, lol

This is what Elaina did to the bath when Ididnt undo the water and she was mad cuz she didnt want to have a bath to start off with, notice she has stuffed toys clothes and other out of the bath tub toys in it!

as well a sideways pic of Elaina taking something apart in the bath tub and puttin it one herself cuz it sticked lol

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Pre Christmas spirt

Well this is the best I could do to get an updated picture of Elaina. Im sorry I havent updated with pics of Elaina or of pics of my new place, but I cant find my cord for my camera to upload the pics, Anyways my camera is having a fit and I cant turn it on very well at all anymore not even with my neeth. So on Keyras Wish List And Anyone Else That Wants To See Pics Of Elaina hahahaha I want a new good camera for Chirstmas I love you all hahahahaha

Anyways things here are alright, Elaina is learning very very quickly, as she can count to 10 after me of course but is starting to walk around the house and say 26789 lol, so she is also starting to put 3 to 4 words together, I love it when she says love you! thats my fave!!!

Hope you like the update, I gotta go attend to supper now I think the meat loaf is done hehehe

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Well I just wanted to let everyone know (that doesnt know already) that Elaina and I have found a new home, I guess you can say that the place found us. I applied for Manitoba Housing in July. I had my intake interview in aug on my birthday. anyways when I was in Hamilton visiting Robyn and everyone else hehee, I got the phone call that they had a place for me to look at. Im glad my best friend kristy and her boyfriend paul came up the night before I left for Hamilton to watch the apartment, and then stay with me until now..... well they took the message and called me right away, of course it was friday evening now so I had to wait until the Monday morning to give them a call back, I explained my situation, cuz your only supposedly aloud 3 days to call them back go see the place and decided if you want it or not. otherwise they move on to the next person. So I was able to set up an appt to go see the place the day I after I came home, since we didnt fly in til 7pmish. Well I went and saw this place with my mom, and its a really neat place, I really hope I like it when im all moved in. anyways am moving into there this saturday, I got movers and I forgot to tell them a couple things that I have, so I dont know what im gonna do about that right now, I hope they will let me move it in the truck. but they will be here at my apartment between 8 and 9am saturday morning, so I hope it will all go fast and before I know it I will be in my new home, I get my phone, cable and internet back up that same day, they will be at my apartment between 4 and 8p, that night.

right now im having a really hard time packing I only have 3 more days to have everything packed and right now I think Im a little over half way down, my apatment is such a mess that I dont even know what I need to pack its hard!!! Im pretty much doing this all on my own so Im very stressful about things. Andrew said that he would take Elaina for the weekend of the move I really hope that he doesnt back down on me otherwise I really dont know what im goona do.
pray that I get this all done, and Im able to come back to my old apartment on monday to clean it up for my friend Luke to move in the next day,

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Cousins Social

for those of you that know Stanley hes gettin married and we all went to the social I hope you enjoy the pics. The first one is of My aunty Polly and her kids, left to right. right? Nick , Stanley, Anthony, And Vanessa
Me and my good long time friend Sean. Can you believe I think its we've been friends for 15 years.

Below just a really funny funny pic of Elaina. Hahahaha she wanted a bra on, and kristy put socks int he bra hahahahahahhahahaa Elaina LOVED it!!!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Saturday, September 22, 2007


This is what happends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Elaina wants prettys too!!!!!! she is so nearing her 2ed birthday and the colours are just starting to shine!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Trip to Hamilton And Niagra Falls

Well for those of you who didnt know I went to Hamilton to Visit family and meet Baby Isaiah. The flight there I hated it, I didnt even want to get back on the plane to come home. It was my first time flying, and I was scared and my ears didnt pop all at so my head felt like it was gonna blow up, I felt sick the whole 2 hours, I kept having to go to the bathroom cuz I just had the sweats so bad. Although comming back wasnt as bad, my ears kept popping really really bad, felt like I had a heart beat in my ear, the way it sounded.Lookie I went to experience the taste of Ikea!!! We went the morning the day before I was gonna head back home. Wow thats an amazing place, I wish they would move Ikea here, but I have heard that the Ikea company wont be setting up in Winnipeg until we reach a million people, so it this is true people start moving here please!!!!!!
Dont you just love how the falls look. Me, Mom, Elaina, and Aly went to Niagara falls for a night, we looks around the falls a little and went to a few of the shops up the hill it was nice, wouldnt mind saving a lot of money and go there for a few days and checking out all the things there is to offer.

This pic is in Hamilton, or Stoney Creek??? but this is The Devils Punch Bowl. it was neat to view. Tic your growing up so fast, Hope you have a good school year, cant believe your in gr. 2.
Elaina playing with baby Isaiah or as Elaina calls him Yaaaya.
Robyn you sure had Elaina going at Turtle Jacks, I tell everyone now that is an Awesome place to eat, mmm I had the same thing twice there cuz it was just so good!!!!!!
dont we look a lot a like, I cant believe I came to Hamilton and aly and I have the same hair cut lol, it was good to see you Aly, Glad we are able to get a long a lot better in our older years hahahhaaa

Anyways heres a link for my pics to Hamilton and Niagara Falls.....

ok never mind dont remember how to do it, some one tell me im using flickr

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Sunday, August 19, 2007


Welcome to this world Baby Isaiah, Its so wonderful to finally meet you!!! I cant wait to come and hold you and touch you and kiss you!!!

Isaiah Michael Stahls Aug 17 at 6:57am 8lbs 2oz

(close enough to auntys birthday, hey I still get to say Mommy went into labour on my birthday!!)
and now here some pics of My little angel bushing her teeth!

now in this next pic you gotta look at Elaina bum, THIS IS THE ONLY TIME I SAY THAT! shes so tanned !!
As well what the heck, heres a pic of what I have done to my hair, I needed a change, and I just wanted to test some waters, while I can
Elaina loves my hair like this, she tells me pretty, and then says pink~