Sunday, March 11, 2007

Lots of Pics!

HI Everyone! here are some pics for you! Mainly for you Robyn as you have been the one on my ass to go update my blog. There has just been so much happening with life that I havent really had the time to update! Elaina is learning a lot really fast now, we have brought out the potty and started sorta on that, This morning she took her clothes off (she has learned that one good now) and then she took her diaper off, and she went running into the hall and started to pee on the floor, she laughted and looked down and pointed to me what she has done, and then she ran away. She says Cat, Whats that, I do, Yeah , and a few other words but I cant think right now lol. She now runs doesnt walk lol. thats really cute, but not so cute when she has something in her hands that Im trying to take away from her and she runs down the hall with it and they go flying all down the hall (She did this with pony ties a pack of 300)
Anyways I have to run for now, I dont know what the monster is into, but it doesnt sound to good! lol
Take care, and enjoy the pics