Monday, July 31, 2006

Bath Time Was GREAT!

Today we have had a pretty good day. I managed to do the dishes I had stacking up from the other night, I moved our bedroom around and started to clean that all up. I gave up for tonight and will do it sometime tomorrow! I hope before we go to the Zoo with Taylor and Jason's partents. Here's a pic of Elaina playing around I was trying to get the picture when she was kissing the Pooh Bear.

Bathtime went REALLY GREAT tonight. I went and bought Elaina some boats from the Dollar store heheee. I gave her a bath just after supper time. Since she was trying to feed herself. I told Andrew give us a few minutes of screaming I have to give her a bath. I got the bath all ready, put her toys in. Brought Elaina into the bathroom . She was standing at the tub when I took her diaper off , Elaina starting talking away right away.
She didn't cry one little tear. She chewed on here ducky almost the whole time.

Elaina has soap in here hair if you look really close. P.S. - I CLEANED HER FACE LAST HEHEE

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Do you like the way the blog looks?

Here are some pictures of Elaina at the Olive Garden the other day with Grandma, Grandpa, Great Grandma Ward, and Aunty Jan. We were waiting for our table and they had the cutest chairs and she sat in it oh so very lady like. Hehee
Hey everyone....
Sorry it has taken me so long to update my blog. It has been a very busy weekend.
I'm getting very upset with myself lately at the way I eat... I have been trying to eat less..and try to eat better, it is very hard. Im glad I cant really eat candy anymore. It hurts my teeth. I go to the dentist on the 9th
. I have to get a couple fillings. Then I have another apt. I dont know when it will be though I have to wait til the 9th to find out, anyways the next apt will be the cleaning. Im trying my hardest to remember to brush my teeth. Yes isnt that gross! Im trying hard on this one. ANYWAYS as well we went to Value Village (Ooh we love to shop there) Today I found two nice pair of jeans. Some Big blocks for Elaina to play with. Anyways again back to the jeans. I used to be a size 13 before I got pregnant. Just before I got pregnant I lost almost 50lbs and then I just feel like I have doubled in size since having Elaina. Im now I cant beleave Im gonna tell every single person that comes to read my blog :-S... I am now a size, depends on the cut let me remind you. Im a size 20-21!!!! OH MY GOSH!!! I cant beleve it!

Here are some pictures of Elaina and Grandpa playing at the hotel room just before we went swimming!!
Im so upset with my self these days, I think that my weight is making my depressed. I try to walk as much as I can. Its really hard though with it being so hot outside!! My friend Viki wants me to go with her to a gym six weeks after she has her baby. She is due Aug 16th (MY BIRTHDAY) but thats going to be a little while still. I hope that my Ipod Shuffle comes in the mail soon I would love to get that going and start going for walks. I hope we have a nice perfect walking weather fall. Oh I love fall.

Some pictures of Elaina before she went over to Tyrans for the weekend!
Anyways I have to run and fold the laundry, then go downstairs grab the other load and for that, all before Elaina comes home and then are on the way!!!
Hope you like the update!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Aunty Aly, Grandma, and Grandpa, are in the city. Well Aunty Aly is now in Hamilton with Aunty Robyn.. Anyways first pic, Aunty Aly , Me, and Mommy. At the airport. 2. Aunty Aly and I. 3. Mommy took this pic when we stopped in at the doctors. 4. Another one of the three of us. 5. Grandma, Grandpa and me. 6. Grandma and I. 7. Aunty Aly went nutz and took tons of pics of me.. So any of them with me and the stroller are from here.. Im not adding those to my list. 8. one of just Mommy. 9. And two of my chewing on a sucky. As Im teething really really bad right now!!! oh yeah and when Mommy presses publish post and the pics are out of wack from the numbers I put Im sure you can figure out whats what heheheee

Monday, July 24, 2006

Another day of trying to stand!

Here are some pics for you guys Look Elaina is trying to pull herself up onto this now.
Sorry cant really type right now cuz she is fussy.

Sunday, July 23, 2006


Okay okay I know Im strange but last night when Andrew and I were out at his buddys place. Andrew put his sunglasses on top of his shoe. Of course me I HAVE TO TAKE A PICUTRE! hehe then I played with it with the program. I think it looks cool. Looks like a face to me.
As well a pic of Elaina crawling around the room.

Friday, July 21, 2006

SMILE!!!! The other day I opened the door to our bedroom and sure enough Elaina found her way in! She found a braclet that nanny gave us all at Christmas and she started to play with it. Laughing away! so I came into the room and took some pics. Wow did I ever get some smiles!! and the pic of her in the green dress she was eatting french fries lol, as well as playing with the bag lol. anyways gotta run got lots to do today. SWIMMING!!!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Where did Elaina go?

This little girl is into everything and anything!! As you can see she likes to play in the pampers box! Poor Big Birds head!

As you can see here she is also playing with my sandles! Formula cans are fun to play with as well!

What about Daddys Shorts that he left on the floor! SHE IS INTO EVERYTHING!!! I guess she got into the kitchen the other day and knocked over the garbage!

Then as I was typing out this blog. Look back into the kitchen she went! To the cat dish. I thought it was cute so I let her tip over the water to take a pic. and then watched her play in the water for a little bit to she decided to knock down the food as well. Dont mind my dirty floors I need to wash them really bad. I cant wait til this friday night when Bre comes to the city and gives us a baby gate her mom is giving us. So that would mean that we are only going to be looking for ONE more for the closet. So far so good she hasnt tried to get into there. As soon as she notices the cat go in there Im done for!!!!