Sunday, September 23, 2007

Saturday, September 22, 2007


This is what happends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Elaina wants prettys too!!!!!! she is so nearing her 2ed birthday and the colours are just starting to shine!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Trip to Hamilton And Niagra Falls

Well for those of you who didnt know I went to Hamilton to Visit family and meet Baby Isaiah. The flight there I hated it, I didnt even want to get back on the plane to come home. It was my first time flying, and I was scared and my ears didnt pop all at so my head felt like it was gonna blow up, I felt sick the whole 2 hours, I kept having to go to the bathroom cuz I just had the sweats so bad. Although comming back wasnt as bad, my ears kept popping really really bad, felt like I had a heart beat in my ear, the way it sounded.Lookie I went to experience the taste of Ikea!!! We went the morning the day before I was gonna head back home. Wow thats an amazing place, I wish they would move Ikea here, but I have heard that the Ikea company wont be setting up in Winnipeg until we reach a million people, so it this is true people start moving here please!!!!!!
Dont you just love how the falls look. Me, Mom, Elaina, and Aly went to Niagara falls for a night, we looks around the falls a little and went to a few of the shops up the hill it was nice, wouldnt mind saving a lot of money and go there for a few days and checking out all the things there is to offer.

This pic is in Hamilton, or Stoney Creek??? but this is The Devils Punch Bowl. it was neat to view. Tic your growing up so fast, Hope you have a good school year, cant believe your in gr. 2.
Elaina playing with baby Isaiah or as Elaina calls him Yaaaya.
Robyn you sure had Elaina going at Turtle Jacks, I tell everyone now that is an Awesome place to eat, mmm I had the same thing twice there cuz it was just so good!!!!!!
dont we look a lot a like, I cant believe I came to Hamilton and aly and I have the same hair cut lol, it was good to see you Aly, Glad we are able to get a long a lot better in our older years hahahhaaa

Anyways heres a link for my pics to Hamilton and Niagara Falls.....

ok never mind dont remember how to do it, some one tell me im using flickr

Saturday, September 01, 2007