Thursday, November 30, 2006

My Baby is turning into a Tot.

Hello Everyone! How have things been down on your end of the neck of woods? Things here have been pretty busy! I haven't really been able to sleep well lately as I've been thinking about money, bills, birthdays, and Christmas. Anyways I typed out this very long blog last night and just as I was about to finish it my explore crashed on me! I was so mad, so now im back to square one this morning.

This past weekend Tyran took Elaina, and that gave me time to get the house all cleaned up, I even got to mop the floors.(well get down on my hands and knees) Then on monday I was on the daycare site for manitoba looking up daycares around my area to call, even home daycares. Im looking through them looking through them then I found one! It was great, the lady just lived like a 2 minute walk up the street here, she had a opening for Jan 1/07 and it was for an infant. So I called this lady up everything sounded so wonderful. Then she asks me if Im looking for subsidy. I tell her yes of course. And she says to me well I dont think I want to take on anymore kids with subsidy I have a couple kids like that already and I dont want to deal with anymore at this time. I got so mad, it was just perfect!!! Until those words were said. So I looked on the site a little more I e-mailed a few places as well as called a couple (Im not to good on the phone with strangers) So Elaina is on a couple of waiting lists now. I should be giving a few more places a call.

Then on Tuesday, I was chatting with my sister Robyn on the computer when Elaina came crawling into my room then over to the laundry basket. Of course she took everything out of the basket and then the next thing I know she is sitting inside the basket. So I started to laugh, next thing I know She is laughing as well and everytime I looked at her she wound bend her head down (thinking I could not see her if she could not see me) and pop her head back up and start to laugh. It was really entertaining for a while she was having fun playing by herself. Then later on in the day after Andrew went to work. Elaina was playing with the phone pressing buttons saying "dadadadadaa" I look at her and ask her "Now who are you trying to call Elaina?" She looked right back at me and said
"dad" and went back to work pressing numbers! It was really really cute!

Next day is wed. Just a few minutes after Andrew left out the door for work. I went up to Elaina took the toy she had in her had, (she didnt make a fuss about it) and I went a few steps away from her and told her to come and get her toy. At this point she was standing and looking at me then the toy, all of a sudden she was WALKING towards me not holding on to a thing just WALKING by herself let me tell you I got excited! so I gave her the toy when she got to me. Then I stepped back a little bit more and told her to "Come give mommy a hug." so what does my little girl do WALKS to me again! this time she fell into me and gave me a really big hug and started to laugh. I called just about everyone I could think of! I was so excited. My baby doesnt seem like a baby to me anymore at all. Then at supper time I was feeding her some babyfood. (she doesnt eat that stuff to much anymore) and when she was deciding she was finished I said what the heck kid here feed yourself.And I walked away, I could hear her having fun in the kitchen and when I came back in Wow let me tell you what a mess I had! But I knew that one was going to happen. It was all in her hair, it was all over the walls and everywhere else you could think of. she had the spoon in her hand still and she dipped it into her bowl (that didnt have much of anything left in it) and then brought the spoon to her mouth, Yea she is getting the concept of eating on her own Im so proud of my little girl she doesnt seem like a baby to me at all anymore she is getting to be a big girl. Doing her own thing, she has her own little personality now its amazing! I cant believe in just a few short fast coming weeks she will be one already!! This year has gone by so fast! You really dont know how fast life comes at you until you have a child of your own. Anyways Im going to go and play with Elaina for a little bit! I hope this update does wonders for you!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Elaina is useing the phone

Well how is everyone doing? Things her the last couple days have been going good. We have been playing around, Elaina is trying even harder to walk!

The first picture I asked her to smile and she did! She is learning so much now, She sorta understands the word No she just doesnt like to listen! But arnt all kids like that?? lol

Anywho we are off for the day so I just wanted to update really quick!

Friday, November 10, 2006


Alright Every one, How are you doing today? Well this weekend I will be watching my friends little girl for her. She has a friend in from out of town that she hasnt spent time with in a while. She was going to go see her Dad but plans for that feel through.
Anyways I have a couple pictures here of Elaina in the last couple days.

Also I'm posting a few pictures of the little one Im watching and I ask you to help me pic what picture to make into an 8'10.
You see for Christmas this year I want to take pictures of both Peter and Anna to give to Vicki for Christmas from the kids, Im going to fram them an everyhing.


Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Alrighty then, lets see what we have here, Elaina is pulling all the movies out and playing with them! Elaina is going down for a nap in the sleeper thing that Aunty Robyn made for her. Corrina and Elaina playing at there last play date..Elaina and peter in the tub together. Anna Bananna in her car seat, Me playing around gonna bottle the old man lol. Can you tell we were gone? Elaina playing with her sister at the wedding we attended in August! Selena was trying to share her bun with Elaina. Bare baby bums lol I had to its just to cute, gotta have something to tease your kid when the boys start to come around when she is older right? Another picture of Vicki. Andrew and Peter playing video games the other day, and What Elaina did today, she got into the kelnex box lol just after Daddy cleaned the place.

Cont... X1

Elaina and Peter are having a bath together, and thats Vicki in a couple of them too.Peter and Annas ma