Sunday, April 29, 2007


Hello everyone, I know been a while again eh. Well with this warm weather we have been having I have been outside a lot, doing alot of walking... Well this picture above I know is a dark on but its of my cousin Vanessa, well this blog is going to be about her. On Thursday she went to Brandon for a Compaction for her school, and her cooking class. We anyways I went with her, Auntie Polly, and Anthony. The rest of the crew went in another car. Let me tell you that was an interesting 2 hours there and back! On our way there we had to pull over and put water in the van. it so over heated!

This is the finished product up on top here, let me tell you it was so so yummy. There was like ice cream in the middle of that white thing.... a ma range (did I spell that right?) They had two hours to make 31 dishes, but they were aloud to bring 50% of the product finished when they got there.

they ended up getting 2ed for there dish. (L-R. Chris, Josh, Vanessa, and there teacher Miss. Shaw)

This is a pic of all three dishes. Top left, is from a school here in Winnipeg. The top Right is Vanessa's school Tech Voc. And then the bottom one is Brandon's school. They got first place but look there ice cream melted all over it was between the two pieces of chocolate,
Down below is a different angle for ya, I tried the 3rd place team and I didn't like it at all, the stuff in the middle of that fence chocolate. didn't taste good at all, it just seemed like it didn't cook, or set long enough, but everyone had a good effort.

Then down below again is a pic of the whole team. (I really dont know what happened to the picture, nothing was on Vanessa face!)

And of course I cant do up a post with out putting a pic of Elaina up. This was her laying on my bed watching t.v and eating corn pops. I just turned around to her and told her to smile and so she did, but I didn't know she had a mouth full of corn pops. hehehehe.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Sick baby

Hi everyone! I hope everyone is doing great with this wonderful weather we are having now! The last week has been a really hard one!!!! Elaina has been sick with the tummy flu, and double ear infections. and then a few days after that she had a reaction to the amoxicillin and that made her have a rash all over her body and then get a really bad yeast infection. poor little one she had a fever for almost a week, I had to change her diaper like every 15 minutes, poor girl. but I went back to the dr. and her ear infection was gone so we were able to stop the meds she was on and teat the yeast infection. she is starting to feel better today, Oh yeah! and she pooped in the big potty tonight!!! yeah!! Anyways I put up some cute pics that were taken in the last day or two

Oh yes and with the cosmo pic, Cant you tell my girl is going to be a big girly girl. She also holds her hands out all nice when you want to cut her nails lol. OH we are having lots of fun lately she is learning so many words, she loves to give kisses and hugs
but I have to go and run now. I have some cleaning to do tonight before I want to relax. I hope everyone is enjoying spring!

Sunday, April 08, 2007


Heres a couple pics for everyone, it took me a while today to be able to get a couple pics on my computer. Been acting up so so much!!!