Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Back Home

We are back home now, from Kenora. On the way there about half way a fog came in and it was really hard to see the road. I was so freaked out the closer we got to Kenora the more fog it came to the point where we couldn't see 10 feet in front of us! You should have heard me I was scared hehee, But we made it to Kenora! Nanny was so happy when we walked in her door. She said right away to us that she was starting to worry, It took us almost three hours to get to Kenora. Normally it takes just a little under or over 2 hours. On Saturday Elaina's birth day, She started to feel sick, she was really cranky, she didn't take any naps that day. I thought she just wasn't used to the change or place. But she was getting sick! She wasnt really that interested in her birthday cake, (she went to bed right after the cake) that night Nanny let Andrew and I go out for a bit to the bar, with most of my closest friends, I had a lot of fun but by midnight I wanted to get back to Nannys I had a strange feeling Elaina was up. Even thought I told nanny to call as soon as she woke up and we would come home. (to the people that dont know nannys is only like a 3 minute drive to the bar) So after a little bit I got Andrew to leave the bar (we went to the Milli, *its not called that anymore but thats what it will be to me always, robyn you too right*) Andrew seemed to like the bar cuz it was early and the pool tables were open all night so there wasnt that many people in the bar. That night at home Elaina was up so many times! The next day she was still really cranky and sick, SO that night Christmas eve, elaina didnt sleep at all, she was up for almost 3 hours just crying nanny and I didnt know what to do, I should have made andrew bring me in to the hospital that night!!!! but Christmas morning we ended up taking Elaina in to the hospital, and sure enough elaina has two ear infections and strep throat. So since we have been giving her, her meds she is getting alittle better. Christmas morning was a lot of fun, while elaina was feeling ok, she jumped into the christmas gifts unwrapping gifts that wernt even heres, she had a lot of fun, Thank you Everyone for a good Christmas,
the next two posts are of just pictures of the trip, I hope you enjoy,


More pics!

Friday, December 22, 2006

Going to Kenora

Hi everyone!! this is going to be a quick post as I have a lot to do today!! We are heading to Kenora today, So I wont be posting til after Christmas. But I am going to bring the camera...

Well today Elaina opened up one of her Birthday gifts, it was from Aunty Robyn! And let me tell you IT IS DRIVING ME CRAZY!! and Elaina hasnt even had the toy for more then 2 hours, But she is going to have so much fun with it!

This is the toy, It is called "Laugh and Learn chair"
there is so much for her to do with it, the light changes colours you can read the book on the side and it tells you all the animals on it and then theres a clock that teaches you the time, and when you sit on the chair it will sing you songs or teach you the abcs, it has a lot of stuff on it and I think it will keep her entertained for hours on end,

Thank you Aunty Robyn!!!!!!! (I guess its pay back for me! cuz I used to buy Taylor the toys that made lots of noise)

Friday, December 08, 2006

Elaina and Peters bath, I was babysitting!

Can you tell it is crazy bath time, with two one year olds. I cant believe elaina is going to be one in just 15 days!!! And Peter is really 16months. Elaina is smacking Peter in the face and Peter was just letting her do it, she she doesnt want to listen to me now! Let me just in form you that my camera is almost dead. I have to get more juice for them but cant til the 13th, So All these pics are from me just pressing the shot butten so they are all flook, so they are playing in the tub.