Wednesday, June 28, 2006

.....Really fun day!.......

Hello Everyone in blogging land.
Today was a really nice day. I had a lot of fun Janie. Well for everyone else my day went like this. Elaina got up around 9 this morning, singing away playing in her crib. Lovely way to wake up :) Vanessa and her roomate Savanna came over this morning to type up some resumes and send them to there e-mails to go and print out as I dont have a printer. (But Aunty Polly has one as her comp died on her, and might borrow it to me:)love you polly) So they stayed for a while until Janie and Corrina came and picked Elaina and I up for a moms group. I had a lot of fun at that group today, for all waiting for Elaina's doctors apointment tomorrow to see how much she weights. Here's a sneek peek at it. she is 18lbs something she kept moving around so we are guessing 18lbs 2oz but I will find out for 100% tomorrow.
Anyways, I won the door prize Im guessing I donno. They put all our names in a tin and my name got pulled. So I recieved a recipe and some food to make the recipe So maybe tomorrow before I leave to go to Kenora on friday I will make if for supper.
Well my grandmother called me tonight and told me she is not sure if we are comming down in the afternoon on friday or if we are going to wait until saturday morning. So I will keep you updated on those dates.
Jason told me that the chip I have in my camera is fried so I wont have a camera until I get a new one. He told me he is going to look and see if He can get me a new one. Thanks Jason. Im sure Robyn will get at you about it as she is the one always asking me "So When are you updating your blog keyra" lol.
but we are just watching some movies so I have to run for now.
Take care everyone

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

My day

hey everyone,
hows your day going so far?
Well today I went and got my hair cut this morning. Not cut that much just a trim, layer, and thinned out! it feels so much better now. I hope my headackes go away now!!! Then when I got home I put Elaina down for a nap and decided to bake some muffins and cookies! Thanks Janie for the bananna recpie that you posted a while back. I tired them out today and love them! I added peanuts. Sorry Taylor you cant try these ones :) so I made two batches of them. Elaina woke up when I was finishing up the secound batch. Then it was off to Bananna/strawberry bread muffins. They turned out pretty good. I also made two batches of them too. But the secound one I put chocolate chips on the top of them. I went and bought chocolate chips and forgot about them so thats why they are just on the top but they turned out good. So I packed them all up in butter containers and ice bucket and Im going to take some of them with me to Kenora. Im looking forward to going to Kenora as I want to go swimming so much hehehee.
This morning I had a bath with Elaina to see if she would do better that way but she still freaked out when her face/hair got wet. Get this but she loves to go swimming at the pool. I dont understand my little girl
sorry no pics yet. Still gotta work on getting pics off the cam.
Anyways Elaina decided to freak out so I gotta run.
take care everyone

Sunday, June 25, 2006

sorry no pics!

ok I Would tell you about my weekend but I cant!
it was good thats all you get to know! hahahhaaa
I cant take any pics until I get some of these pics off my camera but I dont have any money to do so!

there I updated robyn hahahaa

I will update again after.. sorry cant really type right now elaina is cranky!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

HAhaha, look at her.... she is eatting a hog dog bun!!!
You see on Monday when we went to my aunts for a bbq I was making a hot dog and holding elaina well she stole the hot dog bun from me and ate it!!
So I had bought hot dog buns for our smokes last night well andrew never usded them all so I gave her one today when I was finishing up the 2 layer cake I made.
The cake turned out ok I wanted to put starberrys in the center and I went to blend them a little bit and ended up blending for to long so that was runny and hen I didnt make the iceing thick enought! OH well it was a test I dont really know how to bake or cook to to much! I will tell you how it taistes when andrew and I have it after supper tonight,
take care everyone!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

on the go!

well here is a pic of Elaina I just took. She is almost crawling now. She only have to figure out that she has to move her hands as well as her legs (as you can see in the pic that her legs are moving)
Im so proud of our little girl!
arnt you?

Saturday, June 17, 2006


how is everyone doing today? Elaina is cranky today, but I think its just her gums (teeth) I cant wait til one comes in the poor little girl. Well we got an A/C the other day wow what a change it is now! now I dont want to go outside to the heat we are having haha! anyways cant really type right now cuz Elaina is cranky and Im gonna see if she will take a nap.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

look what I made!

look what i made for elaina today. its going to go over her crib some how, its pink and a litle blue....


well here are some pics for ya. Elaina playing on the floor look she is trying to eat the doll that nanny gave her.... then she was trying to eat the top part of her bouncy chair. she pulled it off herself this morning. well it was just on top of the chair but she made her way to it and pull it down. hehee see those little balls beside her those are the ones I bought yesterday. she likes them so far, she can grab them with one hand then take it into both but then she gets mad cuz she cant eat them lol

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

playin on the bed

Here are some more pics for all you crazy people that like to see pics of my little girl. hahaha no your not crazy you are doing just what my mind is telling you too!!! Look at this Little Angel LOOK NOW I SAID hahahaa
hope you like the pics. now its time to go and play on the floor with the new toys I bought Elaina. (They are 6 little balls for 6months and up)((I think she is big enough for them she is almost 6 months))

playing with laundry

lol I looked behind me and look what I saw. Elaina was playing with the laundry basket. she loves to play with it!
She is trying hard to crawl she has got the move the legs part but the hands she has not figured out she has to move when she is up. BUT she knows how to get around.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Well Elaina just got home from the sitters. I wasnt talking with the sitter, Andrew went out and got her. she looks tired.
Anyways I have to go and put my avon order in so talk to you all later.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Pretty Girl!!

well today we are going to a birthday party BBQ for my cousin Vanessa so I got Elaina ready all pretty!!!!! I thought my camera was full but I guess its not yet lol. anyways I will write more later.
have a good day everyone~

Wednesday, June 07, 2006


After Mommy washed my face with this wipe I decided I wanted to play with it! And look at how well I can get into the crawl !! now If I could just take off. Im trying! but it makes me mad!! HAha mommys gonna get mad at daddy when he gets home, he left a window open and the cat got outside she must have jumped! crazy cat!!! Good thing we have a nice caretaker.. Andrea picked her up and brought her back for us.


Anyways hello everyone.... if look at elainas ear you can see that it is pierced but again my camera sucks and this was the best I could to for today.. lol. anyways last night when I we were at my aunts elaina was just finished her bottle and then was stairing at the wall.. and she started to say Bah.... over and over again..... hehheeee she is getting more sounds and noises and what not now.. Its so cute to watch her learn each and everyday!!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

I got my ears pierced!

Okay my ears are pierced but you cant see it cuz our camera sucks!!!!!!! Really on my wish list for mommy's birthday, So you gain better pics of me heheheheheee (camera).. anyways I cried a lot, but Im fine now!!!! Dont complain about it anyways:P hehehee. my tounge is sticking out in both these pics... see that this is my fav. thing to do. that and I like to slap now!......

Friday, June 02, 2006

Oh Yeah!

Look I look like im happy! Dont see that much today... I've been so cranky as my teeth are comming in! I cant wait til they just decide to pop out!!!!