Sunday, September 24, 2006

ROBYN!!! this one is for YOU!!!

Hi everyone!

Wow, has it ever been a while since I updated last. Robyn has been on my butt all week for an update. I just havent gotten around to it yet.
Most of our stuff is unpacked and in its place now! My bedroom is a mess though. I still have to put some stuff away in Elaina's room and hang a couple of things up in there as well. Elaina wasnt taking the move very well the first couple days. But she is also getting to the age where they have seperation anxity (sorry if I spelled it wrong). So Tyran took her for a few days and so far since Elaina came back home she was all excited to see and play with her toys. Also was looking around and crawling around the place a little more. I hope she gets settled in soon.
I went for a walk on thursday and noticed Im not that far from the SouthDale area. It only takes me like 10 minutes to walk there, So that is nice, theres a Zellers then, Tons of places to eat. safeway, Canadian Tire. This week we have a confrince to go to. (fridaynight) So I hope I will learn something there. I have been really thinking about going back to work. I miss working so much, I want to go to school as well. but for some reason I want to go back to work more. So if anyone that has kids and has went back to work after having them. Please help me out!!! I have no idea on going about this!!!!

But Elaina is having her nap right now and I would like to get the kitchen cleaned up. As well im doing a couple loads of laundry! (Its so nice to have a laundry room on this floor)!!! I will tell you more about this place later.

Take Care Readers!

Friday, September 15, 2006

all packed up!

well here is just a quick post.

today, Janie and Corrina came over for a play date! We had fun chatting and playing with the girls!! I have a pic, so I hope to get things up and running soon! Then Tyran came to pick up Elaina for the evening. She also took me to the LC to get some boxes, so I was able to get a few boxes from there. Then I went to the bargin shop to pick up some garbage bags. Andrew told me to see if they had some boxes there today, as they didnt the other day. I was able to get about a dozen from there. YEAH, we have enough boxes!!! So when I got back home Andrew and I started to pack, and believe it or not we managed to get EVERYTHING packed!!! Only took us 4 hours straight to pack it all. So now my house is bear looking cuz we put everything into the closet!! Tomorrow I believe we are going to move as much as we can as sunday they are transfering over my phone and everything.

Now lets just hope this all works out this weekend and I am able to get this all moved..
I will post again when im sorta settled in.
take care everyone..

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Well Tracy called me today, and informed me that she spoke with her landlord/caretaker. She told me that they agreed that I can take that apartment. She said that she was going to pick up the application (that I have to fill out) She is going to drop it off tomorrow. Then on Saturday I'm going with her to meet the caretaker and get him to sign the form that I need for assistance. They told her since I am on assistance that they would like her to co-sign for the apartment. I don't really know this woman and she said that she will co-sign for me.. So there are still a little bit to do before the place is 100% mine but she said that they said I have the place!!

So today, we started to pull everything out and organize some things while elaina was taking a nap. Andrew went to safeway and barginshop to get some boxes, He came home empty handed. We could not find any boxes anywhere. It really sucks not having a car. I am hoping to find some boxes tomorrow. I want to move out of this place as soon as I can, like the other apartment is empty already. I am so sick and tired of hearing the cop. hearing gun shots. Drunks walking around every single hour of the day!!!!

I am so excited that Elaina gets her own room. I want to make it best room ever for her! I want to find out if I can paint. (even though it was painted in april) I want to give the place a little colour! I want to paint Elaina's room Pink!! I want to get her the princess canapee for around her crib!

I dont really know how to pack! I dont know what I have to keep out. I dont know if I should just pack everthing cuz it will need to be packed. I dont know! its so confusing!!

Anyways thats what I have been up to....... I will hope to update soon!

Saturday, September 09, 2006

what has been up with our lives!

hi everyone,
Sorry it has taken me so long to update. Im just so lost with updates when I don't have a pictures to post.

Well this past week has been a little crazy. Andrew is still home from work, Will be for another week. So this accident has put him out of work for three weeks.. He has been looking for another car online but is not having the greatest luck with it.

We have all been sick this week as well. Tummy Flu! We thought it was food poisoning, when Andrew was the only one that was sick. And then Thursday Elaina and I started to get sick as well. Wow Friday was a very hard day. I don't remember the last time I felt that sick. I couldn't even take care of my daughter... So I was glad Andrew was home that day. Today though Im feeling better, so far.

On another note. Im apartment hunting!!! It is so hard, cuz Im trying to find a two bedroom for cheap but in a better area then I am in.. I was talking to my grandma about this on Thursday afternoon and she said that she was going to talk to my uncle and see if he knew of anything, and to ask him old landlord if he had anything. She called me back that night and asked me if I wanted to live in Windsor Park. And asked if I could afford $540+hydro. That is cutting it close if Andrew decides he wants to get a place on his own. We have been talking about it lately. But I budgeted my money and I would be able to afford this place, but I would have to cut down on my internet and cable. Fine I will do that for Elaina's well being. This is in a very nice area. Its pretty there. There are trees around unlike where I live that is just depressing the way it looks.. It is quite as I wouldn't not hear any firetrucks, police, or ambulances. That might take some time to get used to.
This lady that has this place just moved in with my uncle. She even picked me up yesterday to go and see this place. It is very big!!! She said that she was going to leave two couches and a kitchen table and there is a dresser. And she told me she can get me another dresser as I don't have a dresser at the moment. There are double the cupboard space in the kitchen!!! Closets EVERYWHERE! I love that one too. There is even a closet for the broom and what not!! She told me that she would pay the rent for this month. And I would start paying in Oct. She said that she would leave the damage deposit and I would just pay her back for it when I can.and she also said that she would give me the keys right away so if I want to move in right away I can.
SO I told her I love the place!!! She is going to get a hold of the caretaker and what not for me so then he can sign some paper work I need to have done. Then its up to me to fight with assistance to let me take this apartment!!!! But I have so many things I can tell them about getting me out of this place as soon as I can! OH yeah. There is a church just a little three min walk from the apartment. I have been thinking about going back to church lately and that would be perfect. There are two daycares just walking distance from the place as well, and there is a park just behind the apartment!

Anyways Im going to go for now. Im going to be busy this week trying to get this all together and ok for me to move then. So please pray for me to get this place. I need all the help I can get!!!
take care