Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Sunday, August 19, 2007


Welcome to this world Baby Isaiah, Its so wonderful to finally meet you!!! I cant wait to come and hold you and touch you and kiss you!!!

Isaiah Michael Stahls Aug 17 at 6:57am 8lbs 2oz

(close enough to auntys birthday, hey I still get to say Mommy went into labour on my birthday!!)
and now here some pics of My little angel bushing her teeth!

now in this next pic you gotta look at Elaina bum, THIS IS THE ONLY TIME I SAY THAT! shes so tanned !!
As well what the heck, heres a pic of what I have done to my hair, I needed a change, and I just wanted to test some waters, while I can
Elaina loves my hair like this, she tells me pretty, and then says pink~