Monday, November 19, 2007

Elaina up to no good!

Here a pic of Elaina and Dillan when we were in kenora at the start of the month, elaina was just about to fall alseep lol.
Dillan is elainas buddy, lol

This is what Elaina did to the bath when Ididnt undo the water and she was mad cuz she didnt want to have a bath to start off with, notice she has stuffed toys clothes and other out of the bath tub toys in it!

as well a sideways pic of Elaina taking something apart in the bath tub and puttin it one herself cuz it sticked lol

1 comment:

justus said...

Wow! What a mess she has in the tub... did she get in crap?
I can't believe she did that. She sure takes after her mom, if she can't get what she wants! LOL

She sure is growing fast, I hope she fits everything for Christmas.