Tuesday, November 27, 2007

is it winter time????

Hi everyone well with - 27 (with the shield) I think winter has decided to come and stay for a while, I hope that its not to cold out this winter. I believe Elaina will have a blast this winter, shes likes to eat the snow already, lol gotta make sure she doesnt eat any yellow snow lol. she likes her ski pants right now so thats good, she doesnt like that she cant really walk though. We had to go to the store today to get some milk, so we bundled right up!!! I NEED LONG JONS lol its freakin cold and I believe I have past that age of just going out in a sweater the only thing I forgot for Elaina was her scarf around her face but other then that she was nice and toastie lol, I will get it together hehehehe we hope!


justus said...

she looks so cute! I love her snow suit! Where did you get that?

I am sure that this winter will be really fun with her. Don't forget not to eat the red snow either!.... being in the murder capital lol

Can't wait to see you both in a short time

mammasita said...

hahaha ur funny robyn,

that snow suit is from nanny, she got it for her right after christmas I guess, isnt it nice!