Tuesday, January 29, 2008

long lost

The last few months at our house has been hectic, Elaina is growing so fast its unbelievable. She speaks so well its crazy, I love you mommy. Kitties, where are you? where are you kitties. shes is learning her colours very well loves to sing twinkle twinkle lil star. Pretty soon Elaina is going to have to settle down with a babysitter during the day, Thankfully since I cant find daycare anywhere near our place right now, my friends that live in the next building beside me (same housing unit though) well they have a daughter who is 2 (turned 2 in sept) and they as well have a 6m old girl, so elaina is going to have to learn to share and play nice, I hope she is really well to thouse kids!!! I start school Feb 4th,, Im so excited I hope this all works out and I will be able to do a semester of school and get that done. I feel like im not doing anything with my life, Ive been trying to potty trian elaina shes ready she will sit on the potty and everything knows what its for, she just wont let herself go, im sure once she does this once or twice we should be on the right step, the lil girl at the sitters is learning so I hope elaina will learn from being around her! anyways here are a few pics sorry I dont update this thing that often, facebook has taken over my life hahahaa

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DAve & JAnie said...

Wow! Elaina looks so grown up.. I love her wild hair. Corrina's hair is so short still, but will come along soon.
Best of luck with babysitters and school. I have loved being able to get out of the house, learn, and have a break from Corrina. It really helps me to be a better mom when I am with her. We are also working on potty training, and at the same stage (I say stage and not 'trouble' because I really do believe it is a stage, just a step along the way!), where Corrina knows she has gone, will tell me when she has gone, but won't go on the potty. She will actualy hold it until I get a diaper back on her if I catch her before she has gone. But, I think it will start to happen too soon.. as soon as I can reward her with chocolate chips or m&m.. stuff she doesn't ever get.. they catch on pretty quick once they get the treats I'm told!
Best of luck to you with all the new things going on. And you are doing something.. you are certainly raising little Elaina to become a repsonsible, kind little person! Let's get together sometime soon
Take care